Morgan Guery

Morgan Guery

Passionate french content manager and web project manager. I write reviews and books on steampunk-flavored stuff under the name of Arthur Morgan and Mistermorg.

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Jules Verne Museum, Nantes

A visit to the Jules Verne Museum in Nantes

Open uri20121005 28031 12k1krf original20121008 32466 sxmip9 article

Les Historiettes de Monsieur Sandalette

A french humourous daguerreotype-novel

Open uri20121005 28031 swyfxg original20121008 32466 x75yn8 article

London 1888

Review of a Jack the Ripper themed board game

Open uri20121005 28031 13pduor original20121008 32466 1oip5tx article

Sam Van Olffen, a French Steampunk Artist

Presentation of a french steampunk artist

Open uri20121005 28031 aw0z7h original20121008 32466 jbusvy article

‘Steampunk! L’esthétique retro-futur’

Review of a french essay on steampunk

Open uri20121005 28031 6i993l original20121008 32466 ufkq7h article

The Machines de L’île (Nantes)

Review of a french steampunk theme park